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Prenup or not prenup... should I sign or not?

This is the problem, and I need some help to figure it out!

I am about to be married to the man of my dreams who comes from a rather wealthy family, and he is wealthy in his own right. He is the CEO of his family's company. The problem is that his family has advised him to have a prenuptial agreement signed before the marriage. He feels as I do that we don't want to start our marriage this way, but his family and family attorney are pressuring him to do this.

Incidentally, I get along very well with his family members, and though I don't agree and feel upset with this entire prenup stuff, I understand where they are coming from. My fiance said that he will forgo the prenup if I'm too against it... but he and I both know that it will cause a lot of problems with his family and may hurt our relationship, and I don't want to start off our marriage and life this way.

What should I do, Reckonauts? Suck it up and sign the prenup -- keeping the family relationship intact -- or insist that there be no prenup and tell his family that we are happy and that's all that matters?

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Prenups are a fact of life in situations like these, but I realize that there's something intensely offputting about having a relationship built on love and trust suddenly thrown to the lawyers like this.

In this case, I'd throw it to the lawyers entirely, and let them hack at it.  This means that you too need a lawyer looking for your best interests -- one who is good enough where you can trust them to establish an agreement with your interests in mind without your direct input.  That way, you can isolate the two parts of your relationship.  Your lawyers handle the financial part with this unpleasant prenup discussion on their own, while you and your fiancee handle the part where you're two people who love each other.

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