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Do you throw away lone socks that have lost their partner, or do you hang on to a sack of hodge podge solos?

The SO keeps an entire bureau drawer of socks that don't have partners. He just goes in and grabs two every morning. They don't match in terms of shape, color, fabric, get the idea.

Do other people do this too?

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I keep my onesies, but more out of denial than anything.  The partner sock has to be somewhere, right?  It's not as if it vanished off my foot as I was walking around.  I have it on scientific authority that that is not possible.

So I keep a pile of singleton socks that I refuse to get rid of, hoping against hope that one day their partners will return.  And every great once-in-a-while, it actually happens, which justifies the next twelve times I keep a solo sock for years -- yearning, hoping, praying.

Like Dan I keep the singles around, but I certainly don't wear them that way.  Having 2 different socks on would propably drive me insane.

I *might* keep a lone sock, just for a little while, because, hey, maybe it just got stuck in the washer, or in that sweater I don't wear very often.  But if it doesn't turn up soon, I have to get rid of it--it's just more clutter in the drawer.

I keep them - mainly because I have so many pairs that are identical (that's how I roll), that eventually one of those pairs will be broken up so I'll have a onesie to repair it with. 

@Bryan Hunter

That's the sort of setup I dream about.  Fifteen pairs of identical socks.  Lose one, keep the lonely singleton around until you lose another.  Kismet.

Amazing how this is even a question when people around the world go without socks.

Not to be a downer (okay, but you really are) but think about this. 

I like to think I do my part (lame) when I wear two different socks or socks with holes at home. How pathetic is that? No, it's not doing my part when I think about kids who don't even have socks.

Okay, sorry, and to keep it light, um...I only care about matching socks or knee high stockings for VERY special events or professional appointments. However I am always tempted to wear weird things just to be me.

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