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High Heels: Deal with the Torture?

Since we had so much fun with makeup, here's another.

I am very short. So short that it would be advantageous for me to wear heels at all times. People behind counters might actually notice me once in awhile. But I almost never actually do it because, well, high heels hurt.  Anyone who says otherwise is trying to make it look easy. Now I played this game. I pretended it was all a breeze to float around a few inches off the ground, but it was lies, I tell you, all lies! 

Now I have a few pairs of heels that I can wear for some length of time (a few hours, tops), but I have yet to discover a pair that let me comfortably do all the walking I need to in the day. Now, to those who say: your shoe quality must be low, let me be clear: better made (read "mostly more expensive") shoes are better than cheap heels in terms of comfort. But my $25 flats are way better to my feet than my most expensive heels. 

So, that's my situation. And yes, I love the way heels look, even just in my closet. And as someone with a size 5 foot, finding flats is tough. But let's be honest--those of you who wear heels every day are sacrificing comfort for fashion. And that's nothing to be ashamed of, I make the same choice in other areas of my wardrobe. But let's end the charade in which we pretend heels are just as comfortable as any other shoe..

Women's shoe denizens of the Reckoner: the majority of the time, do you find yourself in flats (or tennis shoes, flip flops, or flat boots) or heels (sandals, pumps, boots, wedges, platform)? In this case "high" heel= 2 inches and higher.

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I don't know how women do it, and I never will.  I'm trying to think of a male equivalency of sartorial discomfort, and I'm struggling.  Neckties are uncomfortable -- you're basically tying a rope around your neck, but relief is just a tug away.  There's no getting away from uncomfortable shoes.

I can barely even walk in heels. I don't understand how some women stand walking in those things all day. Tennis shoes are comfortable for casual settings, and there are less torturous shoes out there for when you need to dress up a bit. As far as I can tell, the only purpose of high heels is to fill up 70% of a store's shoe section so that it's a pain to find anything else.

I don't know how women do it regularly, either, except that if you start early, your achilles tendon shortens so that it's actually painful to wear flats over the years. 

I wear no higher than 3" heels which look good when I dress up, and feel I still have some control over my gait and not pull an Ally McBeal ("it's the shoes"). Unless of course, I'm walking through the streets of Philly or NY. forgettaboutit. And the thicker the high heel, the better for stability. 

Coming from someone who used to vacuum the house in high heels, it is hard for me to adapt to flats. Even my casual shoes have to have some heel to them. I rarely wear sneakers unless I'm playing or attending a sporting event.

As far as comfort is concerned, I have worn heels that were torture because they looked fabulous, but no more. When I wear heels which is most of the time, they have to be comfortable! I do opt for the thicker more stable heel over the spike heel that I used to wear...

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