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Cilantro, the Divisive Herb! Love it?

Herbs are generally not known for being topics of controversy.  It's hard to get worked up over an herb.  

Actually, there's one herb that is perpetually the subject of a long, ongoing, divisive battle between fanatical supporters and radical deniers who would just as soon criminalize its use and consumption in this country.


Cilantro! I'm talking about cilantro! What did you think I was talking about?

For whatever reason, cilantro inspires passion.  It inspires controversy.  Some folks love it, some hate it, few who know about it manage to shrug their shoulders.  To the supporters, the thought of guacamole or curry without cilantro is like trying to make brownies without sugar, sure it's possible but it's also pointless.  

To the detractors, adding cilantro is basically like adding soap flakes to whatever you're eating.  And not Palmolive with its pleasant pecan after-dinner flavor either.  We're talking Lifebuoy.

So tell me, fair Reckonauts, where do you fall on this whole cilantro thing?  Is it a potato blight on your culinary palate, or a delicious accent that fills you with zest and brio?

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Reckoning Comments!

The New York Times has an explanation as to why Cilantro has a soapy taste to some folks. Except, despite this pleasant explanation, it still tastes like soap to me.  How am I supposed to forgive it that?

Anyway, if Julia Child hated it, I feel safe in calling my similar hate justified.

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