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If you're watching the Super Bowl alone, that's the 'Small Gathering!' group. I've done it. No shame in it. Football first.

The Super Bowl! Watch it at a big honkin' party, or a small quiet gathering?

This Sunday is America's favorite Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday. A phrase that deserves the dulcet baritone of John Facenda, echoing down from Mt. Lombardi, where the legends play and the autumn wind is a pirate.

This is the shared American experience.  As much as Christmas.  As much as the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving or watching Law & Order reruns or complaining about traffic on the highway.  It's the one thing of this increasingly fragmented culture that still holds us together -- the one thing that still holds enough sway to get mentioned in front of the proverbial Monday morning water cooler without getting a 'I TiVoed it' or 'I'm waiting for the box set' or 'I'm waiting for it to come out on Netflix Instant' as a response.

This being America's favorite Sunday, it often gets combined with two other American pasttimes -- big parties and drinking.  What better way to celebrate the red blood in your veins than inviting sixty-two of your closest friends plus their significant others (and distant acquaintances) and throwing everyone into one enormous bacchanalia to celebrate everything football?  Isn't that the American way?  What better way to celebrate the NFL?  What better way to celebrate being American?

Except, here's the thing: if you watch the big game at a big party, there are some drawbacks you know you're in for.  People who are there who don't actually like football.  People who say they're in it for the commercials.  People talking over the game.  People trying to reacquaint themselves with the rules of football after another year of ignoring it.  People who skip that part and go straight to pretending like they know something about it.  

Big parties can be fun, but they can also be a profoundly unsatisfying football experience, especially if you're an intense football connoisseur without many intense football connoisseur friends.

Tell me this, fellow Reckonauts! Are you watching this year's Super Bowl at a big party, or at a smaller gathering of your choosing?

In this case, we'll draw the line between the two at six -- if you've got six or fewer, that's a small gathering.

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I'm a small party guy, partially because I'm actually a football fan who likes to engage with the football content (which is becoming an increasingly small part of this whole "Super Bowl" thing), and partially because I just like smaller groups in general.  That way you can crack a joke about that Ferris Bueller ad Honda is trying to peddle off on us and have the whole couch understand you.

with two kids and a mulitude of household chores to do on the weekend - just watching the Superbowl is a rarity.  

The only way I can watch it is at home, alone, with the bedroom door locked, ignoring the wailing of my kids to play with them, ignoring the pleas of my wife to help out with dinner, etc.

The thought of having a big party around the game is uncomprehensible to me

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