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The Dark Knight Rises! Will Christopher Nolan dare kill off Batman at the end?

The Dark Knight Rises.  July 20, 2012.  That Christopher Nolan fellow seems to have a pretty keen sense of how to pull this whole Batman thing off.  I suspect that if this movie ends up being as big as I think it will be, Batman will have a decent shot at the 2012 Presidential election, which isn't a bad idea, all things considered.

The scuttlebutt on the internet wire has been that Nolan might go as far as to kill Batman off at the end of this movie.  The Nolan cycle of Batman films is wrapping up with this third one, there's probably a reboot coming afterwards, and the promotional materials certainly point to doom.  Bane walking away from a shattered mask.  Bane talking to a beaten-up Bruce Wayne.  Bane making little Batman voodoo dolls and banging them on the furniture.  Bane. Bane. Bane.

Tell me, folks!  Do you think Batman meets the Grim Reaper at the end of this one?  Or do you think this is all a skillful campaign by Warner Brothers to drum up some interest for this little indie to finally get some attention?

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Given the impending reboot, I say he goes for it.  What the hell.  How often do you get the chance to kill Batman?  Imagine the railroad spike that would drive through our collective hearts.  Dead.  Batman.  Those two words can't even be applied to each other without injecting a period in the middle to break them up.

It would be gutsy as hell, and if you've got the banked political capital that Nolan does after the billions he's made for Hollywood over the past five years, why not be gutsy?

I don't think so, Dan. I really don't think he would be forgiven by Batman devotees....and I don't think he wants to be known and remembered as the gutsy guy who killed off one of the greatest and most popular superheros of all time!

From a PR standpoint...wonderful to get the audience's attention, but, if he
 does, he better get ready to do some major damage control!

Batman would win ANY Presidental election in a landslide so horrific, it would make most of the rest of the ficitional characters of the world sit up and take notice... Then again, Mickey Mouse would probably also win, so what does THAT day about America?

But I digress.  Bane is the guy who BROKE Batman.  Not the one who killed him.  The better question is if Nolan will stick to THAT bit of comic book canon.  I'm fairly certain that Batman will be quite alive at the end of the movie, and probably reasonably fit as well.

In any case I've yet to watch a Nolan film I didn't love, so even if he DID kill Batman, I'd probably still go and see it three more times.

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