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Starbucks has announced it will sell alcohol. Will you be imbibing?

Yes, indeed, Starbucks will attempt to claim its share of the adult beverages market and introduce more opportunity to keep plying those exciting fruit and cheese "plates" they've been peddling. They'll start by serving beer and wine in flagships in California and Atlanta.

Here's the question. Does this make you roll your eyes and vow yet again never to enter a Starbucks unless it is absolutely unavoidable (the only coffee place open at 6am!) or are you willing to live life on the edge and buy a bottle of (overpriced but not exhorbitantly so) beer from your barista?

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I was astonished to see coffee shops in Minnesota that had beer included in the cooler with the fancy, hand-squeezed artisan orange juice.  Grain Belt, naturally.

I don't see the appeal of beer at a coffee shop at all, and I'd be puzzled about wine drinking either.  Generally, people go to coffee shops to (a) buy coffee, (b) concentrate on something, or (c) meet with someone in a professional manner.  If you want to meet with someone over booze, they've got a whole set of establishments dedicated for that -- they're called bars.

Talk about getting them coming and going.

So, you go in, have a few drinks, then drink coffee to sober yourself up?

What do you do in-between? 

Really stupid. 


If you're going to sell sandwiches and other savory foods, there's no reason not to sell beer and wine if you can get away with it.  Whatever brewery gets those contracts is going to score pretty big.  

There are plenty of small coffee shops that sell artisan wine and beer. I think It will be ok if they actually work with local breweries, but I see more national labels showing up, like Linenkugel or Bells...

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