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You're driving on the Autobahn... how fast would you go?

The Autobahn is a smooth highway with mostly no speed limit. The speed 'advisory' is 130 KPH, which works about to about 81 MPH, but that 'advisory' is just that. There's no highway patrol out there, and it gets exceeded routinely without interference.

Let's say that weather's good, traffic is light and you're in your BMW/Mercedes/VW/Porsche.  Opportunities don't usually come better than this.

Would you crank it past 100 MPH, or keep it to two digits?

Reckoning Results!
Keep it under 100 MPH.
Max it!
I'm not suicidal!
They're made for that!
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Reckoning Comments!

In a high performance car -- one with good tires on that is designed for this sort of thing -- I could see myself doing 110 or 115 without thinking much of it.  I'd probably have Kraftwerk's Autobahn playing quietly on the Blaupunkt while I was at it.  How often are you going to get the opportunity?

If I was in my Fit, probably not.  Mostly because it's got a short wheelbase,  and I really wouldn't trust it at 100 MPH+.  But we're in a high-performance German car here, so max it!

Hell...when I have the opportunity on the Turnpike, I will take it up to 90. Let me loose on the that would be a hoot!

Well, I went about 200 kilometers per hour in a Mazda station wagon on a business trip from St. Gallen, Switzerland to Miterteicke, Germany.  It was as fast as it would go and it took a long time to get up to that speed. 

Cruising at 160 KPH, I had a car pass me so fast I could not identify what make it was.  Just a blurr.

Exhausting but loved every moment of it. 

Been there, done that.  Was in a car doing 260kph on the A-63 going to Frankfurt.  It was a chilling speed - thank goodness a fighter pilot was the one driving.  :)

@Larry Esmonde

Ah yes, Mr. Perme!  I'd like to think that your car had a 'My Other Car is an F-15' bumper sticker on it. 

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