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Snow. Swell. Do you actually *like* snow, or is it one big honking mess?

It snowed here in Philadelphia last night -- 2 inches of rich white slush that doesn't validate the 'Snow!' answer for this Reckoning, but is still plenty to make its presence felt.

In instances like these, it's hard to suppress my inner schoolkid, which immediately thinks "Holy smokes!  Snow!  Awesome!  Maybe I'll get off of school tomorrow!"

But I'm not a schoolkid.  I'm a 25-year-old man who hasn't even been in a position to get a snow day in ten years.  Snow actually means misery.  Slogging through gritty, car-sodded slush.  Shoveling.  Impromptu sidewalk ice-skating rinks.  Lower back pain.  Going to the supermarket and getting trampled by people wheeling out the entire milk and toilet-paper inventory.

Why is there still a glint of magic when the weather reports say snow?  Perhaps because the world seems to stop when the snow falls.  Perhaps because the snow is beautiful when it's still white and unperturbed.  Perhaps because watching the snow fall through the window is one of the few times in this urbanity-choked modern life where we actually pause to think about our lives?

Tell me, Reckonauts!  Do you still look forward to snow, or do you see it as a big, seething gray nuisance?

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Days like today make me wish that the internet had snow days.  But it doesn't.  Well, except for SOPA day.  That was basically a snow day.

It's a winter wonderland when the flakes are coming down and piling up on the ground, and even noise is dampened by the snow.

However, it's a mess when you have to get somewhere and it's turned into ice and slush.  And here in Tulsa, when they get the snowblowers to clear the streets, they totally cover over the sidewalks, which makes biking or walking that much more risky.

So I guess my answer is both:  I like snow, but it's still one big honking mess!

Even as a geezer, snow still has its magic for me.  I'll take a good snow fall once a year.  After that, it nothing but annoying.

@Michael Clem

I'm surprised that there's much snow down in Tulsa, although I know the weather can change on a dime there.  Do most folks cope with it well, or does it turn into drivers alternately panicing and ignoring the conditions as sometimes happens up here?

We don't get a lot of snow here.  Maybe a couple of halfway decent snowstorms, plus the occasional light flurries, for our winter.  Although last February we had one of the worst (and coldest) snowstorms in our history.

And yes, because it's infrequent, most people don't really know how to drive on the snow and ice very well.  People will skid out of control or get stuck (or better yet, skid out of control until they get stuck!).

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