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Sad about Kodak?

Despite considerable remaining assets, Kodak has filed for bankruptcy.  Most analysts feel it can survive, but as a much smaller less visible entity.

Having grown up with Kodak, as much a part of America as apple pie, I feel really sad about this.  Kodak films and processing served me well for many years.  Ironic that having invented digital photography, that invention ultimately was a key element in Kodak's own demise.

Is anyone else sad about this?

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Even though I was still going through puberty the last time Kodak was relevant, this still makes me sad.  There's something about the brand, the click of the camera, the smell of those little film canisters, that speaks to an idea of American life that is hard to give up.

"I got a Niiiiikon camera, I love to take a phoootograph, so Chapter 11 don't taaaake my Kodachrome away..." -Paul Simon, paraphrased.  


I agree... it's a bummer!

Paraphrasing my future 15 year old daughter - "what's a 'kodak'?"

I'll miss the company, but I don't miss film.

Perhaps they can come out of Chapter 11 revitalized again - that would be welcomed.  They lost their market - they haven't been a force in the professional photography field for years or the consumer market.  They really need to determine what their market is and how they will be a force in that market.  If they can't do that, then they should close down, sell their patent portfolio, and allow the market economy to redistribute the knowledge to more deserving enterprises.

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