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Should I Dry My Hair Before I Leave The House?

I've struggled with this one internally for awhile, and it seems like I finally have a forum who can answer it. Longer hair takes longer to dry. So someone invented something called a 'hair dryer' to help speed up that process. 

Here's the thing: I very much prefer to let my hair dry naturally. I have a hair dryer, mostly to dry my hair in winter before I leave and risk my hair actually freezing, which it has done. But when the weather permits, I generally just go out with my hair damp and allow it to dry naturally. It looks better when I do it this way, and it feels better too--especially on my skin which also dries out with excessive hot air. 

Damp in the case = others are able to tell it's wet, but it is not dripping -- so about halfway to dry.

Here's where I start second guessing myself. I rarely see others out and about with damp hair on sunny days, so maybe this isn't a thing "adults" do. I'm still pretty confidant I'm in the clear if I'm going to the coffee shop or the grocery store. I also know if I'm making a first impression on a potential client or meeting someone important that my hair should be dry.

But is it ok if I go into the office on a normal day with my hair still slightly damp? Or if I am taking a meeting at that coffee shop with a colleague? Or should I make sure my hair is absolutely dry in casual professional situations?


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Reckoning Comments!

In a professional context, it's always those minute details that people pick up on.  It's all part of that magical first impression.

Back in the days when I wasn't working in a Hawaiian shirt here at Reckoner Central, I knew one thing held to be true:

  • The more botched my appearance was on any given morning, the more likely I'd have to do something high-profile in front of people that will notice.

Wear the fifth-starter in my pants rotation?  I'd end up giving an impromptu big presentation in front of half the senior-executives in my group.  Look like I combed my hair with a hatchet?  I'd run into the big chief in the elevator and end up talking for fifteen minutes.

Fortunately, I was usually in engineering situations where just the fact that I'd managed to avoid looking like Wally from Dilbert was enough. But wet hair is one of those things that seems like it shouldn't matter (and really, it shouldn't), but it does.  

Because when people see you, their cerebral cortex says "oh, they just got out of the shower", but their lizard brain is thinking "man, they're sweating like crazy! What do they have to hide?!?"

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