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Read the question carefully folks--although the button says 'Women and Kids' the OP points out that kids are still going first, no matter what. It's really whether women go first or the lifeboat line is gender neutral.

Women and children first! ....well maybe.

It's long been a tradition in the case of ships sinking at sea that women and children should go into the lifeboats first. 

The kids still definitely go first nowadays -- things haven't changed that much -- but what about the adults?  In the light of modern equality, does the tradition of women going first still hold water (excuse the expression)?  Sorry junior, mom went down with the ship?  Or is this one part of traditional gender roles that still has a place in modern society?

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Kids must go whom do you send with the kids? One of the parents must go with the child(ren).....and most of the time unless the child is with only the father...the mother goes ...or whoever is the main nuturer. Hence this is not a gender issue, it is a practical, sensible issue...

If it is just a husband or wife...I think society would see a man as being lesser of a man if he got on the lifeboat and left his wife on the sinking ship.

Personally...we go together or we stay together...

If it's down to The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner or me getting in that lifeboat, it's her, all the way.

In the general sense, though?  Sorry ladies, we're all in this together now. The whole 'ladies first' thing is creepy ol' fashioned paternalism in action, so lifeboats get divvied out in a case-by-case basis.  If you're a single mom?  Go for it.  If you're a single dad?  Same dibs.  If you're just a single person?  Better get in line early.

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