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Award Show Rumble: Oscars Or Golden Globes?

The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards were held Sunday night to little fanfare, save adoration for Ricky Gervais' opening monolouge.  I don't think it's at all controversial to say that people consider the Oscars to be the much more prestigous of the two major movie award shows.  But, do the Oscars actually deserve to be considered the more prestigous of the two?  

Comparing the two gives you an interesting alternate history of film.  While Shakespeare In Love still wins Best Picture over Saving Private Ryan, the Globes have made some very interesting choices over the years.  For example, Doctor Zhivago, Chinatown, and E.T. win best picture over The Sound of Music, Godfather II, and Gandhi respectively.  Jim Carrey and Al Pacino win best actor for the Truman Show and Serpico over Roberto Benigni in Life Is Beautiful and Jack Lemmon in Save The Tiger.  The list goes on and on...

Reckonauts, if forced to choose would you want to live in a world where the Golden Globes are the be all and end all of award shows or one where the Oscars continue to rule the roost? 

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The thing about the Golden Globes is that it's the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that votes on them, and they're a lot more likely to approach awards shows from the fan's point of view.  

Most of the Hollywood Foreign Press members are pure Hollywood outsiders, so they still have fresh eyes for the business and get a kick out of the entire concept of 'movie magic'.  They seem to still actually like movies.  They also typically vote for whichever stars are most likely to hang out with them drunkenly after the show, but I can't say that's a problem either.

The only part I actually like about the Oscars are the film montages.  Everything else is a grind of self-seriousness.  The voting itself is perplexing, but it makes more sense when you think about who is in the Academy.  Crash winning Best Picture isn't a mystery when you consider that everyone who votes on it lives in LA and likes to imagine LA as being exactly like Crash

Is there another industry that pats itself on the back more often than showbusiness?

Just give me a good death montage and I'm good for either. It's the only time of year I get to be emotional over a cinematographer or a make-up artist. And watch the Academy do back flips to ensure important musicians who died can somehow be credited as related to the film industry. And figure out how important people were based on how much clapping they get. Oh man, I can't wait!

The Golden Globes also consider TV.  I know the Emmy's cover that, but the Globes feel more like a "visual entertainment" award.

Still at the end of the day it's not like it makes me like a film any more or less, regardless of whether or not it wins or is even nominated for either award.  Out of Africa is still a boring, dull, trite movie even if it did beat out the vastly superior The Color Purple for an academy award.  Hell it wasn't even as good as Witness or Kiss of the Spider Woman.

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