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Help me with my pimple problem!

All my friends tell me that it's ok to pop my zits but all the articles I read tell me not to. Who is right?

Help me figure this out Reckoner!

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I say pop 'em!  

That's what I do, and it's a surprisingly satisfying experience.  I generally don't get that many pimples, but those I do I dispatch on my own.  The key is to do as clean a pop as possible -- wait until that sucker is ready, squeeze the life out of it, and make sure you scrub down the area once you're done.

That's what I do, and I don't generally end up with breakouts.  To heck with the beauty experts -- generally, their advice will naturally gravitate to whatever solution involves buying the most products.  That's where their bread is buttered, and why they got into the industry in the first place.

I can't vote on this. There are poppers and popper stoppers. I'm a popper. If I even see bubble wrap rotting near a sewer drain I'm tempted to grab it and pop. I say get rid of the ugly stuff surfacing on your skin. Problem is, that brings in more bacteria. 

Here's what to do: Only pop when the zit has fully reached its 'bloom' and don't involve the skin around it if possible. then make sure you put an anti-zit soap on it immediately, (containing salicylic (Not Sally lol) acid) or other antibacterial/fungal soaps) and let it stay on your skin. Hydrogen peroxide is the best thing since sliced anything, so put that on first after popping. Once you pop and break the barrier you are victim to the opportunistic microgangs that are looking for a juicy place to live, drink beer, belch and fester. So this ritual will turn them off.

One trick I learned was to appy some soap to my face and instead of rinsing it off, allow it to dry  This got rid of my pimples fairly quickly.  Much better to get rid of them instead of popping them.

The Reckoner!