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Do you eat ice cream out of a bowl or the carton?

Be honest here - we know that there is a certain stigma associated with eating things right out of the carton - milk especially.  However, why dirty a perfectly good bowl or cup when you can save yourself a step.  Counterpoint, what about germs?  Countercounterpoint, things get frozen to kill germs and prevent their spread.

Help us reckonauts, to resolve this grating issue!

Reckoning Results!
From a bowl - always!
Carton is a-ok!
Act like an adult
Get over it, Emily Post
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Reckoning Comments!

Are there any joys greater than a furtive sneak of illicit delciousness right out of the carton?  None.  None greater.  

What's even better is that, nutritionally, it doesn't even count if you eat it straight out of the carton.  And that's a scientific fact!

So who hasn't done this?

I will eat out of the carton ONLY IF I'm finishing up what little is left in the carton. If there is more than one serving left, on principle, I will put it in a bowl.

Unless we make the ice cream we buy those little cups and eat straight from the carton.  Handy and calorie controlled.  

The Reckoner!