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Do gigantic cruise ships look top-heavy to you?

Seeing the Italian cuise boat laying on its side, I can't help but think how unstable these cruise ships look.  1000+ feet long with 14+ decks they look as though they might role over at the slightest disturbance.  Interestingly, the big gash in the ship's side is actually well above the water.  Wouldn't most ships sink hole side down?  Did a swerve toward shore cause the ship to flop the other way... or is there a bigger hole on the other side?

Do these cities on water look stable to you? If everybody on the ship went to one side, would she role naturally?

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Stable as a rock!
Looks flippy to me!
No worries, have a drink!
A real ship is safer!
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Somehow, I managed to go until today without hearing about this whole capsized cruise ship issue.  Apparently, the captain deviated from his set course so he could wave at a friend onshore.  That's more something Captain Ron would do, not an actual captain on an actual cruise ship.

The top-heavy quotient really didn't occur to me until now, although in looking at it, they do have a lot going on above the waterline.  That actually still holds true for the Costa Concordia, it's just that what's going on above the waterline has changed a little bit from when it started.

The ones that kill me are aircraft carriers -- THOSE things are about to go over at any minute...

Well, it certainly looks pretty top-heavy, but I couldn't tell you how stable it is.  If it has enough ballast, I would think it would be okay, but I rather think that wider is better.

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