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Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies is waiting with trepidation on this one. Depending on how it goes, Ted Turner may just may get his Crayolas back out of the box.

Black-and-white: is it a dealbreaker for you?

One of the reasons some people I know decided not to see The Artist was not that it was silent, but that it was in black and white

So what about you: will you typically bypass a movie if it's in black-and-white or does it not matter to you?

I'm not suggesting you can't overcome your preference for color on occasion for a Casablanca, but in general, if a movie is in black and white, is that a point against it in your book?

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In many cases, I actually prefer B&W.  It's hard to imagine a film like Twelve Angry Men or Touch of Evil or The Third Man in color -- it would just completely destroy them.  Or Doctor Strangelove.  Or Paths of Glory.  Or The Killers.  Or Double Indemnity.  Or The Hustler.  Or Ace in the Hole.  Or Stalag 17.  Or M.  Or Key Largo.  Or Night of The Hunter.  Or White Heat.  Or The Maltese Falcon.  Or The Big Sleep.  Or Psycho.

Actually, we don't even have to treat that last one as a hypothetical.  We know what Psycho would look like in color.  It stinks.

The ideal situation is like what we had from about 1950-1965, where color was readily available and used frequently, but filmmakers could use black and white without immediately tarnishing their own film's commercial prospects.

I agree with Dan. Some movies are just better in black and white.

Obviously, it wasn't a deal-breaker, last night, for The Artist touching upon the black and white...and sub-titles Reckoner questions.....

The old movies in black and white are incredible. My favorite Christmas movie is The Bishop's Wife. 

Yes, I'm older and as a young child I learned to love the old movies. I'll never forget the Wizard of Oz transforming into color.

But the old black and white are very cool. Just like listening to retro music.

Overall, I think there's an artistic decisioni involved. 

Have you watched Sin City?  It's a very dark, noir-ish movie with only slight touches of color here and there to emphasize certain things.

Hello....Raging Bull!

Depends on the movie.  Can you imagine Star Wars, Avatar or The Wizard of Oz being as effective in B&W?

And Psycho was filmed in B&W because Hitchcock felt it would be too gory in color.  Also, Bosco chocolate syrup makes great blood in B&W... not so much in color.


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