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Has the Miss America pageant jumped the shark?

America crowned it's Miss America last night (Miss Wisconsin). First of all, did any of you actually watch? Secondly, did any of you actually care?

Maybe in the days of yore when there were only 5 channels on the television and reality show contests weren't a dime a dozen, this competition actually caught the attention of the nation, but it seems to barely make a wave now as far as I can tell. The judges are C-list celebrities at best (reality show mother Kris Jenner, actress Teri Polo, and Dancing with the Stars judge Mark Ballas, FYI), the answers to the questions have gotten bland, and whatever elegance the pageant once had is pretty much gone. 

Meanwhile, there's the whole debate with where the pageant fits in on the picture frame of the feminist scale. The answer is "uncomfortable."

On the other hand, it is an annual tradition, and, I guess it could be pretty damned entertaining to watch a bunch of ladies demonstrate skills like hula-hooping while playing the piano (Miss Texas, naturally). Then there's the scholarship angle: it would be nice to believe that some of these women really do need and want the money to pursue a higher education. And at the end of the day, it's a good bit of harmless fun that promotes state pride.

So Reckonauts, let's say you have the power to cancel the 2013 Miss America pageant. Do you?

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Wait, the Miss America pageant was yesterday? And they ran it against the NFL Playoffs?  Against Tim Tebow?  What are they, insane?

There are quite a lot of people in this country who care about beauty pageants, but I'm definitely not one of them.  I'd just as soon can it.  But where would we find moments like this one without them?  That was on national television.

In my opinion, it jumped the shark the minute it moved out of Atlantic City!!!

I just viewed one of the finer moments of the pageant....It is painfully obvious that Miss South Carolina couldn't locate the US on a map either. OMG that entire answer was embarrassing!!!!!

I hadn't watched a Miss America show since it left AC.  One thing I noticed is that the contestants are more attractive than they used to be ...but their "talent" is uniformly terrible.  They're also not quite as sharp as they used to be.  I guess the organizers have finally given in.  They no longer maintain the pretence that it's not a beauty pagent.

I think "beauty pagents" as an intellectual entity jumped the shark before I was even born.  And I'm 40.

Although I am amused that while they only serve to objectify women, it's mostly women who watch them.

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