The Reckoner!

Such begins a long line of 'pick your discomfort' questions!

Pick your discomfort for 2012! Perpetually feeling that you have to sneeze, or having an itch you can't scratch!

The Devil of Discomfort has come to plague you as a karmic retribution for, I don't know, forgetting to put the cap back on the toothpaste or accidentally waking up your sleeping neighbor with your late night music or insulting the name of Mark Rylance. 

He offers you a choice about how to spend 2012: would you rather feel like you are about to perpetually about to sneeze, or have an itch on your back you can't reach? Both conditions will last for exactly 1 year, and nothing you do will give you relief until your time is up. 

Reckoning Results!
Itch I Can't Reach!
About to Sneeze!
Ah... ah... aaagh!
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Reckoning Comments!

The reason why the 'About to Sneeze' feeling isn't that bad on its own is because you get the catharsis of actually sneezing.  I actually don't like to catch my sneezes for this reason, and feel a little disappointed when I do -- sometimes it's fun to get a good roaring sneeze out (provided you're not in the middle of an Off-Broadway play or somesuch).

Feeling that way perpetuallywithout getting the catharsis of actually sneezing?  No thanks.  No sir.  I can eventually learn to deal with an itch (provided it's in the same spot).  I've been bitten by enough South Jersey-brand mosquitos to deal with it.  Not that sneeze feeling, though.

The Reckoner!