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Sorry New England folks (particularly those of you in the Live Free or Die State, who have already gotten six inches)! This one is focused on the Mid-Atlantic, but we can always do a New England winter question later (such as how much freshly-smoked venison do I need to make it through the rest of the winter).

Mid-Atlantic Reckoning: Will we be seeing a big snow this year?

Time to play amateur meteorologist!

So, the Midwest got it's first major snowstorm of the year today, but it's still all clear and mild over here on the East Coast, with no snow projected and temperatures largely above freezing for the next ten days.

Discounting whatever happened on Halloween, which was mostly slush where I was, do you think we mid-Atlantic states will have a major storm this year? Let's say a major storm is 1 foot in accumulation, and we're considering the East Coast south of Providence.

Feel free to play along even if you don't live on the Northeast Corridor either vindictively because we've been spared or gloating because it's always sunshine where you live.

Reckoning Results!
No Snow!
Break out the shovel!
Put the boots away!
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Reckoning Comments!

It's coming.  I'm sure it'll happen in late March.  We'll have that one golden, gorgeous week where it's 63 degrees and feels like spring and all is right with the world, and then bang.  28 inches of slushy misery that doesn't go away for three weeks.

Get out the snow boots...It's inevitable that we will get at least one big snow storm before the winter is over....But let's rejoice in this nice weather for as long as we can...

I'm of two minds here.  Mind #1 tells me that if I vote that there'll be snow - it won't happen; conversely (Mind #2) if I vote there'll won't be snow - we'll still get snow just in spite of me.  Either way, it's time to stock up on Wawa coffee and creamers ;)

Major snow. Hopefully no earthquakes or tsunamis. 

Watch the chemtrail patterns on any given day.

Other than that, mother nature USED to be able to even things out. Hot summer, cold fall. Horrilble winte, mild spring. you get the drift.

But now with geoengineering, it's up for grabs.

I'm hoping to get my family to agree to move to Costa Rica.

I'll learn basket weaving.

The Reckoner!