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Do you keep a 'go' bag?

British Intelligence has long held the following motto:

Society is only four missed meals from anarchy.

Modern life is perched on a dense weave of interconnected and dependent threads.  We see this whenever we see an article like this.  A problem with the orange crop in Brazil causes orange juice prices to soar in London. Or this. A flood knocks out a few hard drive plants in Thailand, and hard drive prices skyrocket.

It gets one thinking about what happens when it really hits the fan, as it might.  What are you going to do there, hombre?  Panic, throw some granola bars in your Trader Joe's canvas tote bag, and run into the street in your Pumas to meet your fate?  Or do you already have a go bag, a stockpile of helpful materials to get you through that first 72 hours and help you find some safety?

Go bags can be contentious issues.  As great as it is to be ready, it can also give you the scarlet 'K' (as in 'kook') to many, and it conveys a certain pessimism about society's prospects that can make you a real downer around other folks.  For most, though, it's more just taking the time to make one.

Tell me, fellow Reckonaut!  Do you have a go bag prepared?  Or are you optimistic enough in the prospects of not needing one to not have one?

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I know I really should have one of these.  I really should.  I don't.  And when the time comes, I'm going to be royally screwed.  Me, and the Leatherman, crappy shoes, and handful of Peanut M&Ms I grab on my way out into the apocalypse.

I really don't know how to vote on this one. We have everything on this list in the house and anybody who has seem our pantry knows we have enough food and water for probably a month or two;however, we don't have it in a bag ready to go! If we're that much in a hurry, that we can't grab what is needed to survive and throw it in a bag, it probably won't make much of a difference anyway....

I keep a tool box. This was actually first pointed out to me as a good idea in Florida, where a lot of people keep Hurricane bags, sometimes called BOBs (Bug Out Bags). I've kept one around my house my whole adult life, and in my car on every road trip. It's just a good idea. 

@Rachel Cabaret

That's a great point.  If you've spent some time in an area subject to natural disasters, this sort of preparation becomes even more sensible.  It's easy to forget that here in the Northeast, where we get spared the natural disasters in exchange for really crappy summers and winters.

I guess I'm one of the Kooks... but since I've made it out of 2 house fires and 2 high rise fires intact, I'll stick with bring a wacko... 

or being.... stupid auto-correct

@ Catherine: WOW that's some major bad luck.

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