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Note: in this case, we are talking about the *Daniel Craig* Bond. If it was the Roger Moore Bond, we know how this would go. Bond would say something really cheeky, and then Jason Bourne would close his windpipe with a savage open-handed blow to the throat.

Spy Battle! Who wins the fight, Jason Bourne, or Daniel Craig's James Bond?

Yes, there's a new Bourne movie coming out in 2012 -- Bourne Legacy.  The only problem with Bourne Legacy is that it's going to be Bourneless.  Bourneless!

Yes, I suppose there's no more Bourne to be had in the Bourne movies, and Matt Damon will have to be content in showing that he can play befuddled suburban dads just as well as he can play unstoppable, enigmatic killing machines.  Swell.

Oh hey, there's also going to be a new Daniel Craig Bond movie in 2012 as well.  Except this one is actually going to have Bond in it.  Shrewd move, MGM.  Although I was really was looking forward to a Bond-less Bond movie that focussed primarily on M writing budget reports and campaigning to have Walker's Cheese and Onion crisps added back to the snack machine in MI6's Beirut breakroom.

So there's a lot of spy action to be had in 2012, and that got me thinking.  What if Jason Bourne -- who is clearly unoccupied in 2012 -- decided to stir things up a bit?  Let's say we had the following scenario?

  • Both Bond and Bourne are informed that there's an assassin in Cairo who's out to kill them.
  • That assassin is each other.
  • They're given notice at the same time, along with $10K in the currency of their choice.  Bond also gets an extra week of MI6 vacation time.
  • They don't get to do that thing where the realize they're being set up and team up to fight the moneyed interest trying to play them off each other (which in this case, would be us).

Neither would be easy prey, and copious amounts of globetrotting would seem inevitable.  Bond would seem to have the advantage in gunplay, Bourne the advantage in hand-to-hand combat.  Or one might come into control of an orbital laser and nuke the other from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.

Who wins that fight, dear Reckonauts?  Who gets to continue livin' the spy-game dream - Bond or Bourne?

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Reckoning Comments!

I think Bond would win, because he doesn't have the same mental baggage or sources of distraction.  He's a professional would selected the life of kick-punch-chop, so that has to play to his advantage.

But as I think on this one, it's really too close to call.

Bourne.  Bond doesn't display Bourne's level of sneakiness nearly as often.

Considering Bond is always announcing himself: "Bond, James Bond", he's not exactly hard to find.

On the otherhand, you don't know you've "met" Bourne until you're about to black out.

Bourne wins.


Dan - as for Bond not being distracted, do you watch the same movies I've seen - he's distracted by every skirt he sees ;)

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