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Your shower just ended, the faucets are off. Do you drain the last ounces of water in the pipe out through the bathtub spigot?

Because otherwise, it just stays in there. 

(Ed. -- In this case, we're assuming you've got one of those tub-and-shower combo units with the little pull-rod that causes the water to come out of the shower head instead of the bathtub nozzle.)

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Reckoning Comments!

I always push the little tub-to-shower button down to drain everything out of the tub nozzle.  Why?  Because it's really satisfying to slam it down, and then pull it back up the next time around.  I can't really explain why this is true for me, but there's really no explaining the human enjoyment of tactile response.

You're anal, Dan! LOL

The Reckoner!