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Do you believe that some people have the ability to speak with the dead?

A few years ago, a number of psychics such as John Edward, Van Prag and Sylvia Brown were very big on television.  They claimed and demonstrated the ability to communicate with deceased family members of their audience.  To skeptics, these phychics were using a technique called "cold reading" in which the subject is given vague hints and then provides the rest of the information on their own. 

Nonetheless, there are quite a few believers out there who believe, one way or another, that's possible to communicate with the dead in the afterlife.

So tell me, Reckonauts, do you think there are people out there who can actually communicate with the dead.  Or do you think it's bunkum, all the way through?

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I can't be the only person who reads the word 'psychic' as 'psy-chic', can I?  Doesn't 'Psy Chic' sound like the name of a Sunday afternoon syndicated science fiction show about women with supernatural esper powers and sassy attitudes?  I can almost see the Psy Chic fanfiction now.

Anyway, naw, it's all hooey.

So funny, Dan! I KNEW you were going to say that!!! I just SENSED IT!!! LOL

Some holiday I'll tell you about an experience I had when I was in my 20's. I actually spoke to someone in a dream before I woke up in the morning to a phone call telling me that person just died.


Like any other belief that can not be definitely proven or dispelled, there may not be a high probability but there is always the possibility. I personally believe, that there are some people that have this ability. Though there are many scam artists out there, I feel there are people who have this gift. Until someone comes back from the dead and tells us what is beyond the final curtain, no one knows for sure, and even then, there will be the doubting Thomases....

The Reckoner!