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Bill and Ted Had an Excellent Adventure. Also, a Bogus Journey. Now you must choose, Bill or Ted?

I was astonished to learn recently that San Dimas, California actually exists! San Dimas is, of course, the setting of that most distinguished of series -- the Bill & Ted movies -- but I had long presumed that it was some sort of fantasy land, like the Shire from Lord of the Rings or Springfield from The Simpsons.  San Dimas was a magical place where the entire radical late-80s Southern California experience was distilled down to one water-sliding, BMX-biking, teased-hair wearing palace of sun-dappled awesomeness.

But no, actually there's a real San Dimas, California.  One out near Pomona that sits near Route 66 and has a Golf Course, a Swim and Racket Club, and of course, San Dimas High School.  (It turns out that San Dimas High School football actually does rule, incidentally).

The two most famous residents of San Dimas are, of course, Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan.  Most of what I know about world history is courtesy of their adventures, including the fact that Waterloo wasn't just an ABBA hit but also a waterpark, and that if Abraham Lincoln had delivered the Gettysburg Address in 1989, he would've shortened it to "party on, Union!"

This being The Reckoner, though, I need you -- fellow Reckonauts -- to answer me one question: if you were having a time-twisting adventure of your own, who would you bring along?  Bill or Ted?  Bill was probably the "brains" of the group, as it were, but Ted has the advantage of general dopeyness on his side.  Ted is also an internet/Reddit meme, which is worth at least a point and a half in his favor.

Tell me Reckonauts!  Who would you rather go on your excellent adventure (or bogus journey) with? Bill or Ted?

Reckoning Results!
Bill S. Preston, Esq!
Ted 'Theodore' Logan!
Wyld Stallyns Forever!
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Reckoning Comments!

I think I'd rather have Ted along, and I have no idea why.  I think it may be because of his deeper stupidity -- when I'm in a jam during my time-traveling adventures, I really don't need any thinking going on from the Bill & Ted half of my phonebooth.  I really just need them to function as an ambulatory hat-rack to keep all my herded historical figures from wandering off on me.

The choice is easy.  Bill S. Preston, Esq. is too full of himself.  Ted is nice and laid back - just the kind of guy to hang out in the (K) parking lot. :)

The Reckoner!