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The Office Battle! If you actually worked at Dunder Mifflin yourself, who would you rather work for -- Andy Bernard or Michael Scott?

There are quite a few of us who watch the hilariously funny hijinks of The Office and its gang, and we saw Steve Carell aka Michael Scott leave last season to join his girlfriend, Holly, in another state.

Carell did such a fabulous job with the Michael Scott character that it basically launched his movie career. He was the master of the foot-in-mouth, politically incorrect faux pas, but still maintained a throughly loveable, child-like innocence, and that's a real comedic acting accomplishment.  Not only was everybody at Dunder Mifflin sorry to see him go, but most of the fans of the Ricky Gervais creation lamented his departure.

They interviewed quite a few replacements on the show (including Ray Ramano and Ricky Gervais himself), and settled on Ed Helms, who plays Andy Bernard (The Nard Dog) one of the zany but loveable salesman at the Company. Helms, a veteran of  The Daily Show and The Hangover movies, brings another prespective to the Regional Manager position that Scott vacated last season. He is a clumsy manager incapable of any leadership or decision-making and yet in his own incompetence he still manages to be competent in an extremely likeable way, and he has Robert California played by James Spader to deal with. It's an interesting duo!

So Office Reckonauts -- which manager would you actually want to work for if you were at Dudder Mifflin in Scranton, PA?  Childish, anything-could-come-out-of-his-mouth Michael Scott or sweet, likeable Andy who can never make a decision?

Reckoning Results!
Totally Michael Scott!
Love the Nard Dog!
All Fun No Work!
Seems sweet!
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Reckoning Comments!

Gotta go Andy on this one -- why, he's a Cornell man!  Also, we tend to forget the sociopathic side to Michael Scott's personality because they downplayed it in later seasons, but yeah -- he wasn't the world's greatest boss.  As much fun as it is to hear that my health insurance is being cut but good news... ice cream sandwiches!!, that's really not the way I want to live my life.

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