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NOTE: Checking your horoscope in The Onion does not constitute grounds for voting 'I pay attention!'.

Do you pay any attention to astrology or your astrological sign, or do you ignore it completely?

"So, hi, what is your sign?" HORRIBLE 70's pick up line, but in reality, does astrology play any significance in our lives?

How many of us -- whether we think there is any merit to the "science" at all, check our astrological forecast for the day in the morning paper? How many of us might even postpone an important decision if our sign is not in the right constellation on under the wrong moon that day?  Practically everyone knows his/her sign, so most of us dabble in it some (whether we're willing to admit it or not). When you are dating someone, do you check that person's sign to see if that person is compatible with your sign? You might not listen to it, but do you at least look at it?

So Reckonauts, do you actually pay any attention to astrology and your astrological sign, or do you think it's such bunk that you ignore it completely?

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It occurred to me that I don't actually know the astrological sign for The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner.  I know her birthday.  Of course!   What?  Of course I do!  Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, I just looked it up and she's a Libra.  I'm a Leo, so I just broke up with her -- it would never work, the last eight years of dating be-damned.

Astrology has about the same ability to predict things as does a fortune cookie.  People have the ability to make circumstances fit the prediction.

The Reckoner!