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Trying to get in the mind of an NBC Executive: Will Community Get a fourth season?

Community, that quirky little show on NBC Thursday nights about a study group who attend community college that's so much more than that. It's a critical darling and has a rabid fan base, but has never caught the ratings desired by NBC. At this point, though, it's getting frequent comparisons to Arrested Development, another show that didn't get great ratings but has achieved cult status in the years following, so much so that it's getting another season and a movie years after the last one.

After a recent scare when Community was pulled from the line-up, it's been scheduled to finish out its run in the spring season. But there has been no news yet of what's to come. If Community gets a fourth season, there's no way to guarantee the kinds of ratings numbers needed to pull in big ad revenue. On the other hand, there are countless online communities (no pun intended) attempting to lobby NBC, which proves the show does have fans and potential, if not the old traditional Nielsen numbers. One thing raised by Community is whether the old model is useful anymore given how many people are finding other ways to watch television than sitting down in front of their TV on Thursday nights.

Now I'm asking you to step in the mind of NBC executives and guess: will there be some last minute deal like Friday Night Lights got with NBC? Or is this our last year at Greendale before graduating?

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Used to watch it...but not really in to it. However, just read in the local paper that the show is definitely coming back even though NBC is in a ratings free fall.

I love this show dearly.  (I have a "Human Beings" shirt.)  But, it's definitely getting axed at the end of the year.  The number of pop culture junkies who get all of the jokes just isn't bit enough to support a network television show.  Perhaps more importantly, there's just too strong of an anti-intellectual race to the bottom on network television shows in recent years.

I actually think they'll get a fourth season.  It's the converse of a rising tide lifting all boats -- NBC's tide is so low that they'll keep any boat they can see.  Community has terrible numbers, but those numbers are decent in the 18-49 demographic (who are the only people that advertisers care about), and it does have a passionate audience that will follow it to whatever outlet they move it to.  

They'll probably cut the budget to about $50 an episode and make a special arrangement to run it in the background behind Keith Olbermann on the Current network, but they'll find a way to keep it around.

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