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I'm a big fan of questions like these that solve real-world situations. It's what I built The Reckoner! to do! Hopefully we gave the right advice in this case.

Should I fire my contractor?

I have a contractor redoing my 3rd floor. 

He sent an inexperienced drywall crew of 4 guys.  They took 3 days and 62 sheets of drywall for a 38 sheet / 2 day job.  He had to spend all day Sunday fixing their mistakes.  He apologized and has the job back on track, but I found him smoking while working in our house. 

Should I fire him or ride it out for just 2 more days until he is done?

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Fire the contractor.
Let him finish the job.
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Is he charging you for the labor and drywall that were originally needed for the job, or is he soaking you for all of the overages?  Once a contractor starts to play games like that, it's generally a good idea to fire him into space, ASAP.

Provided that he'll be charging you according to the original estimate, it sounds like the job is almost complete and he's made right the wrongs of the original crew, so it's the least hastle to just let him finish.  If you bring in another contractor now, there's a 70% chance that you'll now have two bad contactors to deal with instead of one.

If your contractor is finally on track and you are satisfied with what has finally been accomplished, do you really want to start all over with somebody new? If what he has done up to this point is a disaster, cut bait and fire him now, so a new contractor won't have to completely gut all this work and start from scratch.

No overages yet.  I do not want to start with someone new.  It just seems like it is one thing after another with this guy.  What's next?

Ride it out and then trash him on Angie's List. 

As a drywall hanger in a previous life, the smoking is to be expected(although unprofessional) but the quality of the work sounds very low.

Expect to be disappointed with the finished product if you let him finish.

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