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Cheers: Better With Diane or Rebecca?

Thanks to Netflix Instant Streaming, certain shows keep popping back up in the zeitgeist. Suddenly everyone I know is watching or talking about a show I've also just started watching thanks to Netflix. Twin Peaks, Felicity, the X-Files, and, of course, Cheers.

Cheers, the bar where everybody knows your name. Even if you don't know much about the show, chances are that you are aware of the Sam and Diane on-again-off-again relationship that preceeded Ross and Rachel for will-they-won't-they tension. Then Shelley Long, who played Diane, left the show after five seasons. Cheers continued on for another 6 seasons starring Kirstie Alley as Rebecca, who manages the bar and is a new female foil for Sam (Ted Danson), although their relationship never attains the "true love" heights the writers went for with Sam and Diane.

We could argue the merits of each character: Diane's intellectual snobbery vs Rebecca's new money snobbery, but this question is really about the show, which changed a lot along with its female lead, shifting from a show built around a few main characters to a more ensemble-based show. Diane's years have Coach, Rebecca's years take us through the bulk of the Crane marriage. 

But mostly, this one you know in your gut. Which do you turn to when looking for a random episode on Netflix: one with Diane or one with Rebecca? All of them have Norm.

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Oh, the '80s, when Kirstie Alley was bearable and entertaining. Also recently rewatched on Netflix: the Kirstie Alley-hosted episode of SNL from fall 1991, which featured cameos from half the Cheers cast. The Clarence Thomas hearings cold open is one of the greatest sketches of all time. 

Holy crap!  I watched that same opening on Hulu a couple of weeks ago!  They all end up singing the Cheers theme song and hogging the spotlight until eventually Kelsey Grammar ended up actually introducing the show.  I'm convinced that because of this whole Netflix thing, Cheers' Q-rating is through the roof right now.

Also: I think I just went and voted for Diane.  What have I done?

Season 2, Episode 11--Diane kills it.  Rebecca had her charms, though it is difficult to separate her from Kirstie Alley 2012.  

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