The Reckoner!

No towels in the shower! Who's at fault for setting this deadly trap?

The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner and I are at it again, this time about the always hotly contested debate of who should make sure there are towels in the shower!

You see, our bathroom doesn't really have storage space for towels, so we typically keep the fresh ones in the bedroom.  Towel storage in the bathroom is limited to the customary places -- one hook on the bathroom door and another by the shower -- to keep them handy for when you get out of the shower or wash your hands in the sink.  

This situation allows for the following delightful scenario to play out roughly twice a week:

  • The Significant Other of the The Reckoner: 

    Takes a shower and uses the available towels in the bathroom to make one of those towel turbans that women somehow instinctively know how to make.  Seriously, how do they do that?
  • Me:

    Takes a shower afterwards, realizes that there are no towels left in the bathroom, panics, slips on the floor, and knocks himself unconscious against the bahtroom sink.

After I come to several hours later, Sal and I typically have the following argument:

  • Me: "Why did you steal all of the towels out of the bathroom?!"
  • Sal: "Why did YOU take a shower without bringing a towel for yourself?!"

I really don't have the time in my The Reckoner!-choked schedule to spend fifteen hours a week unconscious in the bathroom, so I need you to settle this for me, dear Reckonauts!

Tell me, dear Reckonauts -- who's at fault here!  The person who took all the towels out of our bathroom, or the person who didn't bring any the next time he went to take a shower?

Reckoning Results!
The Person Who Took Them
The Next Person to Shower
They set a devious trap!
You're an oblivious doof!
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Reckoning Comments!

Both of you are at fault. There are two people using the bathroom, and two places to hang towels. Just have each person have their own towel(s, if they feel like stuffing multiple towels onto one hook) so that you avoid the "you used up all the towels!" argument in the first place.

Have you tried placing additional hooks on the bathroom door?

better safe than sorry, always carry one in with you ;)

Always make sure you have a towel *before* you turn on the water!


Try using blue for Dan and pink for Sal. You can get some of those double hook thingies. That way, the urban with the turban doesn't have to worry about crippling the man who forgot to scan. LOL

So, this turned out to be a divisive reckoning betwixt myself and the official significant other of the Ned. After many hours of fighting after my "wrong" vote for person who took the towels, I thought of a interesting parallel - one checks for toilet paper before using the bathroom in that capacity, does one not?  perhaps we bathroom-slip-and-fallers have something to learn after all.

Well obviously you're forgetting a vital lesson from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to always have your towel with you.

The Reckoner!