The Reckoner!

We're going to keep asking this one until I win, dang it!

Is it time to retire those socks?

They're comfortable. They're well-loved. Utilitarian. Maybe threadbare. But new socks are inexpensive. Available in bulk. High quality. Old socks are a known quantity. New socks are an exciting adventure. Is it really, really, finally time?

Reckoning Results!
Lose 'em.
Keep 'em.
Heed Target's Siren call.
Old socks = love
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Reckoning Comments!

Keep those socks!  Keep them until the bitter end!  Even if you can't find the mate!  Even if there are holes in the bottom!  Never leave a sock behind!

Seriously, I've worn socks until they've turned into spats right on my feet. The heck with it, most of the important part is still there.  Maybe spat-socks will come into style?

The Reckoner!