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Clash of the Mentally Damaged Comic Book Playboy Characters: Batman vs. Iron Man!

If you think about it carefully enough, it turns out that Batman and Iron Man are more similar than they seem on the surface.

Both these superheros are just good-looking, rich guys with extraordinary capabilities to be able to develop and utilize the coolest and best damn fighting equipment known to man. And with this technology, they both have been heralded as superheros and misunderstood villians. They have battled the worst of the worst to save cities, our country, a few damsels in distress and of course terrorists of all kind. They both have survived some horrific situations.  Beneath all the gear, they're both just regular folk like you and me (except for the fabulous wealth and fighting talent).  They also both have more daddy-issues than Tom Cruise's entire filmography put together.

But what if we put them together in hand-to-hand combat allowing them to use all their armour-laden suits and combat equipment.  Which one would win this fight?

Well, Reckonauts? Would Batman take the trophy or would Iron Man take the honors?

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Iron Man
He's got skills!
He's got the suit!
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Clash of the Mentally Damaged Comic Book Playboy Characters: Batman vs. Iron Man!
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The challenge here is that both characters have the true trump-of-trump in their back pocket, which is 'magic planning and foreknowledge'.  Since they're both designated as 'smart' characters in their respective canon, their writers can always use their intelligence as a deus ex machina to have them conjure up some completely implausible leap of genius to get out of any jam, regardless of how hopeless it would seem on the surface.

But what happens when you have two characters with this magic power fight each other?  Well, Batman's daddy issues are way worse than Iron Man's (Iron Man's are actually not that different from Dr. Venture on the Venture Bros, while Batman's are all seven shades of f-ed up).  I think Batman would just want it more.  He's Batman, he doesn't lose and he doesn't get discouraged, he just gets more deranged.

I look at it this way:

Batman beats Superman

Superman beats Iron Man

Therefore, Batman beats Iron Man.

Wow, a geniunely tough question.  Stark has that suit that just makes him incredibly powerful--maybe not Superman powerful, but he's gone up against the Hulk and can match Thor's power.  Batman just doesn't have that kind of sheer power.  Of course, much like the Superman vs. Batman battle, Batman could pull it off with enough preparation and/or surprise on his side.  But I think Iron Man would most probably win.  A much more level and appropriate match would be Batman and Captain America. 

Hmm...I think I read too many comics when I was younger!

@Michael Clem

Great point! -- Batman vs. Captain America would definitely be interesting.  The tough thing about Batman is that as far as physical capability goes, he almost has the least power in the superhero universe.  Maybe Daredevil and a few others have less.  Even the Punisher is willing to use guns.

That means that whenever Batman has to interact with other superheroes with real superpowers, the writers compensate the power imbalance by making Batman cunning to an absurd degree.  Otherwise, how could the guy stand in a room with Superman or the Green Latern and consider himself part of the same team?

What is stopping Bats from suiting up? Nothing. He has done it before and he will do it again. All he needs to do is counter Iron Man's armor with his own. Just because he usually does not wear armor doesn't mean he can't. Bruce could come up with a poerful armor suit but Tony would need a lot of time to catch up to the years (decades?) of training, discipline and instruction bruce has gone through to become as skilled as he is physicaly and mentally. When it somes down to it Tony has not made combat and cunning as much a part of his life as Bruce has.

Sinistar abides.

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