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**SPOILER ALERT** RECKONING! Did Inception's Dom Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) make it home or is he still dreaming?


In Inception (2010), the main character, Dom Cobb (Leo DiCaprio), wants to return home to the United States to his children, but cannot because his now-dead wife has framed him for her suicide and he is wanted for murder.   At the end of the movie, he appears to be reunited with his children, but it isn't clear whether it's reality or he's dreaming it all while still trapped in limbo.  The final shot of the tell-tale top spinning does not resolve the issue as the camera fades to black before it possibly falls.

So where is he?  Back home?  Or still lost in the self-created world of limbo?

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Cobb is Reunited
Cobb is Dreaming
Dad's home!
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He is actually in the Matrix.

I think he made it home, for no other reason than I have a knee-jerk reaction against 'it was all a dream' in every form and function, regardless of how narratively plausible or mind-bending it may be.

The one exception would be DC 'Imaginary Stories' where they'd have Superman turning into a horse and winning the Kentucky Derby and somesuch.  Those were great.

The top looks very wobbly to me....I think he's home.

This is a great question about a great movie. I think the probablilty is good that he made it home...that top looked as if it was going to drop; however, there's a possibility he was still dreaming. The movie left the viewer in doubt.

As you can see, the Koch family feels strongly about this one.

I think he made it home because if you look really closely, the kids, while in the same position, are wearing different clothing.  

Clearly those who think he's dreaming don't want to talk about it...  ;-)

I like Michael Caine's explanation (from Wikipedia) - that Michael Caine's character never shows up in any dream sequence anywhere, so it must be a scene of reality.

I refused to vote on this one because merely asking this question proves you missed the whole point of the end.  An ending I personally feel is one of the best of all time. 

You are meant to be left in doubt.  I suppose you could argue that your answer betrays your own personal philosophy (i.e. glass is half empty vs. glass is half full); but for the film itself, it is the not knowing that is significant.

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