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Has marriage become obsolete?

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage go together like a horse and carriage... or do they?

Years ago that was the natural way. And rarely except for the hippies or the bohemians or society renegades did we ever hear of couples deviating from the norm.

In the 50's young people graduated from high school, where they often found the love of their lives, and got married. Then in the 60's along with the make love not war movement the hip crowd found it acceptable to live together and actually have sex before you got married - not saying they didn't have sex before marriage in the 50's - but now it was more acceptable if not out in the open.

In the 70's and 80's, music, television and movies were adapting to a much different set of mores showing single people cohabitating without the benefit of marriage and actually enjoying their lives sans the marriage contract. In the last twenty years, young couples are living together and even having children without getting married and this doesn't turn too many heads. Surveys show that young couples are opting out of marriage and opting for good, stable long-term relationships...

What say you married and unmarried Reckonauts: Is marriage becoming obsolete?

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When we were watching The Muppets, I had suppress an awkward chuckle when Amy Adams and Jason Siegel are presented as having dated for 10 years.  In the movie, this is supposed to be an obscenely long time.

Well... in April, The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner and will be at eight years.  We've been living together for five of those eight years.  We do not, however, happen to still live with my muppet twin brother, so there's that!  And that isn't even the record amongst our friends!

There's no mortgage and no kids yet, so what's the hurry?

The Reckoner!