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Car Trip Vacation Time! Does the driver have dominion over the radio, or is it an agreement between the whole car?

You're on a big road trip with the whole gang.  Going cross-country, howling like Kerouac, Cassidy, and Ginsburg howling through that mad American prairie.  It's four of you, plus all of your gear, packed like a failed Tetris column into your 2008 Versa, that most bohemian of vehicles.  

You're taking turns switching the driving duties -- doing five hours a shift, or at least until you get to the next Arby's.  You're driving through Kansas right now, so there's isn't much entertainment to be had in looking out the windows.  Just lots and lots of wheat.  Wheat everywhere.  So it's the radio or bust as far as entertainment goes.

Tell, me, Reckonauts -- who gets dominion over the radio?  Is it the driver, doing their best not to kill you all by plowing into a tractor in a horrible Versa versus Kubota deathmatch?  Or is it a collective decision of all four of you? 

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Reckoning Comments!

As someone who usually ends up doing the bulk of the driving on trips like these (through nobody's fault but my own, usually), I'm all for the driver having all the privileges he or she can.  That means dominion over both the radio and the thermostat.  But that may be a bridge too far.

If I don't get my daily doses of NPR and generic sports radio, I get very cranky.  And, a cranky driver is not the person you want driving on your long distance road trips. 

The driver is master and commander of the and heat controls are his to set, though he should be courtious of the passengers. I usually do what my driving coach/wife suggests.


Beg your pardon, but you do as you please when in the car whether I'm driving or not!!!! I usually have little to no say as to what music we listen to.

Personally, I feel the person driving should have control over the radio.

In our case, we are completely opposite in our musical choices actually finding each other's music intolerable at times...So I usually bring my IPOD with me, so I can listen without disturbing Ingo's musical enjoyment...

This is a good alternative on a long trip with other people in the car who may not enjoy the same music as the driver does...

In a choice between these two, I'll go with driver. But really, I think it's the front seat passenger. Isn't that why people care about shotgun?

My remote control and my radio.....I am armed.

The driver's preference should matter proportionally to how long he has been behind the wheel.  At the end of a five-hour shift, denying the fatigued pilot the comfort of the terrible music he likes is just cruel.   

Conversely, a driver trying to pull rank over passengers on a short trip is despicable.  

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