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Subtitles! Can you deal with them, or do they annoy the heck out of you!

I'm an American.  And we here in America... well, when it comes to foreign languages, we don't exactly have the easiest time with the whole concept.  Oh sure, Europeans, snicker if you must.  I know most of you speak English better than the average American college professor, but if I remember my college engineering professors correctly, that's not exactly the boldest accomplishment in the crayon box.

This bleeds into our tastes in movies!  Foreign languages in movies are a contentious topic!  Unless you're Mel Gibson delivering a thick slice of ancient martyrdom, subtitles are box-office death in this country.  If somebody is supposed to be speaking a foreign language in a movie, Americans generally prefer the following two options:

  • Have them speak English with the accent of wherever they're supposed to be from.
  • If they're villains, have them speek English with an English accent, regardless of where they're supposed to be from. Becaue that's badass, right Hans Gruber?

But some of us actually will sit still for a movie with subtitles.  As a matter of fact, we'll sit so still for them that we'll admonish anyone for disliking them.  Even though they can be annoying and make it difficult to enjoy the movie, since your eyes are always darting to the bottom to the screen and missing the action up-top.

And don't even get me started on animation.  That battle has left a thick scar across the internet shaped like Nausicaa's head.  If you could've harness the energy expended in arguing subs versus dubs for anime in 2002, you could've powered the city of Terre Haute for seventeen years.

So tell me, Reckonauts!  When it comes to subtitles, what's your stand?  Can you take them, or will you brook no text crawling across the bottom of your screen.

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Hate 'em!
Don't mind 'em!
They invented sound!
C'mon folks! Not that bad
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Reckoning Comments!

Basically sub-titles break up the visual continuity of the movie. Personally, I don't like watching a movie with sub-titles. However, there are some movies that I have seen with sub-titles and with English dubbed in, that have so much more impact with the subtitles, for example, Das Boot....

The biggest minus for subtitles are they preclude you from half-watching a movie while doing something else.  If you're not looking at the screen, you're not getting anything out of it.  As a hair-on-fire-modern-man-OCD-television-and-internet-and-YouTube-and-Spotify-at-the-same-time type of guy, that's a liability.

I still go with the subtitles, though.

Always subtitles.  Unless you're one of those people who turn on closed captioning over english audio.



I think they are distracting, because I get so involved in facial and body expression in movies. I appreciate the subtle moments. Don't want to miss a beat.

Unfortunately, until my BELTONE comes in, I have to deal with subtitles. But I have learned to juggle very well. My eyes and brain have become adept and synchronize almost like using peripheral vision to cross a busy street. 

I turn it on sometimes for ENGLISH movies!!!

What annoys me, though, is when we are FORCED to read subtitles in FROG movies! 

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