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I've plotted it out, and I believe I'll need to sell The Reckoner! for roughly 940 million dollars in order to be able to send two kids to college in fifteen years. And that's if they go to state school. I've already begun selling bone marrow in case they're considering private school.

Are College Tuition increases a scam?

Annual tuition increases for colleges continue every year regardless of economic conditions.  It's up another 6% this year, and this is in an economy that you may recall isn't doing that well, with inflation only at 2%.  

Is this justified or do colleges increase tuitions just because they can?  I know of a handful UC Davis students who got a faceful of pepper spray over this whole ordeal, and the whole thing seems to be reaching a boil.

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It's been ridiculous, but I think we're near the end of this cycle.  Once colleges realized that they were the ticket to a modern American middle-class lifestyle, they realized that they could charge just about anything and get people to pay it, and that's what they've been doing.  Then, under an amendment of Parkinson's Law, administration costs grew to fill the revenue that was being collected, kicking off a vicious cycle.

The problem is, the past few years have revealed -- uneqivocably -- that a bachelor's doesn't guarantee anything about a middle-class lifestyle.  In fact, what it seems more likely to do is to guarantee you spend your 20s and 30s in indentured servitude.  We're going to wise up about this eventually and people are going to stop going to college unless there is a specific job waiting at the end of it that requires the training.  And then you can get ready for all the articles about colleges struggling because of diminished enrollment in 2016.

As middle class parents who paid a small fortune to send our three children to highly recognized collegiate institutions with no loans or grants, I have to say enough is enough!! Tuition was ridiculous then and is even more ridiculous now!!!! These institutions charge because they can.... not because they need to. I teach at a local community college where, in my opinion, the educational value for the dollar far outweighs most of these prestigious institutions. The instructors, who get paid jack squat compared to university professors, really care about educating their students.

I think the reasoning behind attending a certain institution has to change to... is my child going to get the best education for the buck ...not how my child will get the most prestiege for the buck...

I really fear for my grandchildren!!!!

I'm not sure a "scam" would be my choice of words.  More like a travesty, rather than a scam.  College are doing what they think they can get away with, in the greatest capitalistic tradition.  They think their degree is worth more than they are charging, so they charge more.  People haven't stopped showing up yet, so there's no reason for them to stop. 

Problem is, as far as I know, data still shows that having a college degree is worth a good bit, as your earning potential is quite different than if you don't.

I can say that not having a college degree hasn't caused me a lot of angst, although I still consider trying to obtain to get one, but I am certainly not going to pay the exorbiant cost of my college on top of what I am paying for 3 of my children. The other 2 have joined the service as I did, and I shouldn't have to worry too much about thier education.

But unless you want a specific job that requires a specific degree, I'm not sure it's worth it. And please show me an 18 year old that really knows what they want to do for the rest of thier lives, becuase I know way too many of them who have wasted thier parents hard earned money for a spectacular 4 years of parties.

that's how I spent my two cents :)

Part of the problem is the government push to subsidize tutions and get everybody to go to college.  College as it is now is only worthwhile for the professional degrees.  We need more post-secondary options, not mandatory college service.

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