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It's WWII, you're an American soldier, and you've got to pick one. Normandy or Iwo Jima?

You're a young man and have a terrible choice to make.  Join the invasion team for Normandy or the invasion team for Iwo Jima? 

You've seen all the movies.  Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day, Flags of Our Fathers, The Pacific, etc.  It's safe to say there's no winning -- merely the possibility of losing less.  For one, you're facing a intensely mechanized force firing on you the instant your landing craft gets close.  For the other, you may be able to get on the beach quietly, but once there it's intense combat against an entrenched force that will, almost literally, fight to the last man.

It's a dreadful choice.  Which team do you join?

Reckoning Results!
Iwo Jima
Climb Mt. Surabachi
Let's hit the beach
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Reckoning Comments!

Normandy all the way.  I want no part of Mt. Surabachi or really anything that involves the island-hopping campaign of the Pacific War.  Hand-to-hand, teeth-to-teeth combat against a fanatical enemy that just. will. not. give. up.  And in the jungle to boot, with no prisoners taken.

The Road to Berlin had its own ample misery, but it's a much bigger, less intimate conflict where the supplies never stop flowing and the conditions are much better.  You're also against an enemy that is skilled but will generally throw in the towel when things get hopeless.

As for actually getting up the beach, they're both awful, and it's basically a crapshoot as to whether you make it up there or not.

I'm surprised it's this close.  While Normandy was certainly a terrible fight, the defending line was thin....once you got off the beach, your odds of survival were good.  Remember, the defenders were stretched over many hundreds of miles of possible landing sites.   On Iwo, the defenders had a very small invasion area to defend and had all their guns dialed into exact locations.  Once off the beach, the ferocious real battle had just begun.  Odds of survival ....not very good.

The Reckoner!