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Do you use a clean towel every time you take a shower?

As in, do you use a new, fresh towel every time you shower like they do on TV or do you grab the one hanging on the rack from yesterday?


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Clean Me, Clean Towel
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TV people are crazy.  Why do set designers do this?  Why do they design homes that look like Open House show rooms, that obviously no one has ever lived in?

This is why I love Roseanne and Malcom in the Middle and shows of that ilk.  Their houses look like real people houses.

Gosh, that'd be an awful lot of towels to wash.  I don't think I could bring myself to do laundry that often. 

Yeah, I asked this question because I'm curious to see if anyone doesn't re-use at least once or twice. So far, looks like 1 person.

The Reckoner!