The Reckoner!

Which Television Show Should I Watch?

Dear Reckonauts, 

The combination of the holidays and a rash of cancellations has caused my DVR to look like a barren wasteland.  I need a new show to watch, and you're going to pick it for me.  I've narrowed it down to:

Bored To Death

The guy from Rushmore (and the band that sang "California") stars as a writer who moonlights as a private eye.  Whacky hijinks ensue.

Six Feet Under

The guy from Sports Night and the guy from Dexter run a funeral home.  Whacky hijinks do not ensue.

Choose wisely.  I'll watch the first episode the day this Reckoning closes. 

Reckoning Results!
Bored To Death
Six Feet Under
You Need A Laugh
You Need Some Drama
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Reckoning Comments!

I've never been a great Six Feet Under fan.  It's a show that took itself incredibly sincerely in an ironic way -- and if you find that phrase insufferable, just imagine what the show itself was like.  It does have some great dramatic moments, but there were quite a few instances where I wanted to punch the screen to fully express my anger at it.

Bored to Death is fun.  And it's got Danson!  The Dansonage is what tips the scale.

Though I have never seen Six Feet Under, I am a big Dexter fan and anything with Michael Hall in it will make me watch ....

Get a library card and you'll be further ahead.

The Reckoner!