The Reckoner!

Before we answer too quickly, just remember that World War I was fought over this.

Continental Cuisine Superfight! Italian cooking versus French cooking!

This has been a battle that has waged in our family for years. Since my family was 100 per cent Italian right off the boat from Ellis Island in the early 1900s, there was no better food than Italian food.  Homemade lasagna, ravioli, chicken parmagiani, veal piccante... the list goes on and on of fine, mouthwatering Italian cuisine. And Italian restaurants have always been very popular in this country, and I don't mean your average Joe pizza joint.

However, it seems (especially in my family) that the only food that could rival Italian cuisine was French food. And I swear that my mother felt that Italians taught the French how to cook. It seems all the super high end restaurants are French, and I have to admit that French cuisine -- with its luscious sauces and intricate, delicate tastes -- can please the most discerning taste buds, even if there is not much entree on the plate.

So Reckonauts, let's say it's a very special occasion -- money is no object -- and you want to go to a nice restaurant.  The only nice restaurants that happen to be open tonight are either French or Italian.   Which one would you chose, French or Italian?

Reckoning Results!
French for me!
Italian is best!
Bon Appetit!
Mangia, Mangia, Mangia!
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Reckoning Comments!

This took about four microseconds to answer.  I don't care how good Ratatouille made French food look, The Godfather made Italian food look better.  The Italians invented the combination of basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.  

By God, you can keep your steam engines, your theories of gravity, your Magna Cartas, all of it.  I don't think any civilization has contributed more to the world than the one that invented the combination of basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. 

I mean.  Does Italian cooking really have a horse in this fight?  It does not.

The Reckoner!