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You come across a burning car. Hero or not a hero?

The news has been all about the amazing acts of heroism that have occurred the last few weeks of last year and the first day of this new year. People being pulled from under burning cars and saved from drowning by bystanders who have jumped into raging bodies of water to force open windows, and neighbors who have saved children from firey deaths. These people have put other people's lives before their own.

Let's say you come upon an overturned, burning car late at night by the freeway.  It's 3 AM, and it's just you and the overturned vehicle, which is on fire, but not a raging blaze yet.  You can see that there's at least one person still in the car through the smoke, and they appear to be unconscious.  You're by an on-ramp to a reasonably sized town, so help will probably arrive quickly (within 5-10 minutes, you guess).  The fire may not wait that long, though.  The windows are all broken open, and you think you may be able to pull the person out if you work at it hard enough.  Also, let's assume you've already called 911.

Would you be willing to put your own life in danger to possibly save a perfect stranger's life? Or would you be content on calling for help and doing what you could while keeping yourself out of harm's way?

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Jump right in the mele!
Do what I can from afar!
Natural hero instinct!
Wait for the pros!
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Reckoning Comments!

This is a tough one to say from the comfort of my desk chair, because you're never really sure where your adrenalin will take you.

I think I'd try to pull them out.  Yes, you're not supposed to move someone in an accident unless there's an emergency where their life is in immediate danger.  A burning car qualifies.  I've seen cars in full burn, and folks, that's game over.  The smoke and fumes alone will kill you in a hurry.  Call, wrap yourself in whatever you can find, and give it a shot.

The Reckoner!