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Tickling: Adorable display of affection or a legal form of torture?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a while, and I love her to pieces.  It's been two years.  No, I haven't put a ring on it, but I have to admit that my thoughts are starting to go there, and she may have dropped a hint or two herself.  Before we take that leap, though, there's something important we need to iron out in our relationship.  A very ticklish problem indeed.

You see, I like to tickle her.  A lot.  And she's very, very ticklish.  There is almost no part of her body that can't be tickled.  Her forearms are ticklish.  I think I've tickled her hands once.  Places that aren't in Fodor's Guide to Ticklish People.   And I like to tickle, and think it's a fun way to express coupledom in a physically intimate way for times when we're not in the mood to go R Rated.  

The thing is, she says that she doesn't enjoy being tickled.  While it's happening, she laughs her head off and seems to enjoy it, and her demeanor definitely brightens after it happens if she's in a bad mood, but she's stated clearly that she's in the anti-tickling camp.  Her general statement is: of course I'm laughing and smiling when you're tickling me, BECAUSE YOU'RE TICKLING ME!

Now I know that nobody really likes to be tickled, but we all have fun as it's happening.  And I'd like to think I don't go too far with it -- if she's insistent on stopping, I stop.  Also, I'm not really sure if I can touch her without tickling her, given how ticklish she is.

On the other hand, I can see tickling definitely being annoying from her perspective, and she can't really enact any retribution on me since I'm not particularly ticklish (just the soles of my feet, and only when barefoot).

So tell me, Reckonauts!  Am I wrong to tickle?  Or is this an innocuous thing that couples do?

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Tickle away!
Stop tickling!
Harmless coupledom fun!
You're being a jerk!
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Reckoning Comments!

As someone who's done a spot or two of ticking The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner, I can definitely sympathize.  Tickling conjures a complicated set of emotions, because no one says they like to be tickled, but some tickling in moderation is a good way for some fun couples bonding.  

Considering that you seem to have a pretty sound relationship beside the tickling (considering that she's still with you and considering marrying you, you damn fool), I'm guessing that this is more of a playful argument than a dealbreaker in the making.  Or at least so.  That's certainly what I was telling myself when I clicked 'Tickle Away'.

I agree with Dan.  It's okay, even good, as long as doesn't go too far.  But there do have to be limits.


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