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Thursday Night, 1995. Which sitcom reigns supreme, Seinfeld or Friends?

It's Thursday Night, 1995.  It's Must See TV night, and you're going to oblige because it's a federal mandate.

Yes, you're tuning into NBC tonight.  And believe me folks, it's not The Single Guy or Caroline in the City that are forcing your hand.  It's the two-headed hydra of 90s domination of Friends (8:00) and Seinfeld (9:00).  Both Seinfeld and Friends had stellar runs, received many accolades, awards and had perfect ensemble casts that took comedic situations to a new high.

In syndication for nearly fifteen years, one can watch the antics of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and their families and friends over and over again as the show has become part of our culture.  Thus, A Festivus for the Rest of Us.

On the other hand, there was Friends, which changed the way single men and women viewed relationships, wore their hair, and conducted themselves while dating and cohabitating. So successful was this franchise that it spurred at least two movies and made stars of most of the cast members.  Even Matt LeBlanc, Ed be damned.

So Reckonauts, which of these two reigns supreme?  Which was the real cornerstone of your Thursday night back in the 90s?

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The secret here is that not only do I prefer Seinfeld to Friends, I don't even like Friends.  I think I would rather watch reruns of dozens of other run-of-the-mill successful sitcoms of the 90s like Coach or Wings or so help me, Home Improvement than Friends.  Those people may have been Friends, but they weren't my friends, and I'm pretty sure I would've hated all of them had I been forced to hang out with them myself.

Didn't even have to think about this question!  

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