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This makes a fine companion piece to our earlier PB+J question. If you don't know how to make a PB+J sandwich by the end of this, you should probably stick to Chef Boyardee canned pasta from now on, friend.

Two Knives or One? How many do you use while making PB & J?

This one's personal. I went traveling with a friend for a year and we would always keep peanut butter and jelly with us since pb+j's are undisputably a perfect snack (i.e. not a question The Reckoner needs to solve).

Anyway, to this day I relentlessley get made fun of by said friend because I would use TWO knives to make my sandwich. ONE for the peanut butter and ONE for the jelly. I wanted to keep the mixing on the bread and not get bits of peanut butter in my jelly or the other way around. She said this was ridiculous and scoffed. My ONE-knife friend is still scoffing to this day. Is my way so crazy?

My question to the Reckonauts is:

Do you use two knives or one to make a pb+j sandwich. 

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Not having a dishwasher exerts a tremendous influence on me for this one.  If all it takes to wash a knife is to drop it in the utensil bin, then I could seriously consider keeping the little PB bits from floating in my jelly jar this way.  But every knife in Reckoner Central requires hand-washed care, and it just ain't worth it under those circumstances.

I use one knife, but I wipe the knife with a paper towel before dipping it in the jelly. Problem solved...

I use one knife, first spread the peanut butter on 1 slice of bread, then wipe peanut off on the second slice of bread before appying jelly on the second slice.

@Catherine Valentine

The classic maneuver! That's the way they should write it up in the guidebooks.

two knives - but I have a child with peanut allergies so we don't screw around with this sort of thing.

One knife-- I wipe the excess on the clean bread before I dip in again.

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