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Star Wars! Who was the better hero? Luke or Han?

It's December 30th, which means you may have missed the chance to keep the Han in Hanukkah.  But that's okay -- it's never too late to get some Star Wars, The-Original-Trilogy-And-Only-One-I-Care-To-Recognize in your diet.

The original Star Wars trilogy rotates about two poles, much like the electrical current that powers your television set, enabling you to watch The Empire Strikes Back again, for the six-thousandth time in your life.  Those are the poles of Luke and Han.  Of Hero, and Anti-Hero.  Of Force-Hugging Jedi-in-training, or Force-Shunning smuggler.  Of sunny Californian Kid versus slightly older, crustier Californian Man. 

The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner and I are often at loggerheads about which of the two is actually the better hero.  We keep swapping positions, and we need your help.  We know this much:

  • Luke Skywalker

    Becomes a Jedi, which is awesome!  Saved the whole Rebel Alliance by hitting that exhaust port on the Death Star, just like he used to bullseye wamp rats with his T-16 back home.  Had his arm cut off by his Dad, and come to think of it, doesn't really get much heroic accomplished in The Empire Strikes Back.  But in Return of the Jedi, becomes a one man, one-armed ass kicking machine.  Kinda whiny sometimes.  Never did get to Tasche station to get those power converters.
  • Han Solo

    Likes Hanukkah.  If it weren't for him in the first movie, Luke would've been smeared on the walls of the Death Star trench run right next to Jek Porkins. Saves Luke's bacon  again big time in The Empire Strikes Back, and it takes Luke a whole sequel to stop screwing up and pay back the favor.  Shut off that generation station on Endor, which was pretty darned important.  Just all around probably a cooler guy, but not a Jedi.  You won't see him lifting any spaceships with his mind, that's for sure.

Again, it's impossible for us to reach consensus for this one, and we need all the help we can get on this vitally important issue.

Help us out, Reckonauts!  Who was actually the better hero?  Luke or Han?

Reckoning Results!
He's a freaking Jedi!
He's just cooler, come on
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Reckoning Comments!

Han got all the better lines. All Luke got to do was whine about Toshi station. 

Han was the reason Luke was able to blow up the Death Star. "You're all clear kid!"

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

@Dan Koch - Can we just convert the Reckoner into a Han Solo quote generator? 

@Daniel Lloyd

Once The Reckoner gets out of beta, that's all it's going to be.  This whole 'question-and-answer' thing is no match for it.

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