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Alas, I knew this time would come. And it has.

Better pets: Cats or Dogs?

No need to list the pro-and-con minutiae of each -- this is one you just know in your heart.

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I don't want to skew the voting results at all, but did I mention that somebody posted a birthday book for Chubbs the Pug on the Internet today?

Please. Everyone knows the internet was made entirely so people could post cute cat pictures.

I love all animals and have had cats and dogs, but I'm definitely a dog person. Call me crazy, but a dog can see in to your soul.....

I like the idea of having a dog, but then I think about following them around with baggies and the novelty goes away.  Cats, on the other hand, I can leave for a few days (with food and water) a and they still tolerate me.  I actually prefer parrots.

Dogs tend to be friendlier, but cats tend to be easier to care for. 

Some photos to browse:



Well, one thing we've established is that W.H. Auden is not going to make the cover of Tiger Beat any time soon.

Samuel Clemens, get that kitten off the pool table!  Now!

Beckett is saying to his cat "Yes, let's go".

Where are the cat people? Here's one for them:


Forget cats vs. dogs. Let's see the Reckoner decide cat people vs. dog people. 

The Reckoner!