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Soda or Pop?

I guess this is mostly a regionalism, but people seem to feel pretty strongly that one is right and the other is just beyond wrong.  Beyond wrong!

Which do you use when speaking of a sweet carbonated beverage: soda or pop?

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I like to think of myself as a levelheaded person.  I'm also a big fan of the Midwest.  But for whatever reason, the term 'pop' for soda just drives me completely insane.  There must be some sort of Pavlovian conditioning that  happened here, where in a previously life every time I heard the word 'pop' somebody keyed my car.

I use the term "soda pop" normally, so I don't know which way to vote on this one!  ;-)

I also like the term "soft drink" but not too many people actually use that one.

Hey, I found this - Generic names for Soft Drinks by county:

Wow -- 'Pop' territory is way bigger than I thought it was -- I didn't realize it went all the way into the Pacific Northwest.  It does confirm that I was at ground zero of 'Pop' when I was in Minneapolis four days a week.

As for 'Coke' country -- whaddya know, it seems to radiate around Atlanta, where Coke's headquarters happen to be.  Their tendrils run long and deep...

The 'Pop' thing is bad, but the 'Coke' thing is worse.  How can you ask the question "What kind of 'Coke' do you want?" and not realize that you sound ridiculous?  

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