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The passion on display for this one is spellbinding.

The Battle of Lemons and Limes! Pick your passion: 7-Up or Sprite?

Lemon-lime soda always takes a back seat to its cola-nut flavored bretheren, but why is that?  How many cola nuts do you eat in the course of a given year?  What about lemons and limes?  I thought so. 

There are myriad lemon-lime sodas out there -- as a Pennsylvanian, I'm obliged to send a shout-out for A-Treat Treat-Up soda -- but the two main competitors on the field are 7-Up, which seems to have had zero idea on how to market itself since it dropped Spot, and Sprite, which apparently gives Drake the power to rap.

Tell me, fellow Reckonauts -- in a 7-Up vesus Sprite duel, which clear fizzy carbonated high-fructose corn syrup water reigns supreme?

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Reckoning Comments!

When I was in middle school, I used to have a can of Sprite packed in my lunch in tin-foil, and it made me feel like the coolest guy alive.  Just like Grant Hill, paid spokesman and Sprite drinker!

Grant Hill is somehow still in the NBA.  Did you realize that?  You may have thought that he retired in 2003, and you'd be kind of right, he spent the first five years of the last decade having about thirty-six surgeries on his ankles (until they eventually gave up and gave him bionic feet), and spent most of the 2003 season almost-dying from a MRSA infection.

I spent the first half of last decade graduating high school and going to college.  I also switched allegiances to 7-Up.

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